Fr. Eirik and Jeanne Olsen

Father Eirik and Jeanne have been married for 31 years.  They have six children, Evan, Kirsten, Aiden, Noah, Mia and Seth, one step-grandson and two baby granddaughters. Eirik and Jeanne moved to Kenosha in 2008 for Eirik to become the rector of the newly-formed Light of Christ Anglican Church. The church’s mission is to reflect the light of Christ’s love, hope, and healing across southeast Wisconsin.

My Sessions

Practicing Spiritual Motherhood and Fatherhood

What is healthy spiritual motherhood and fatherhood? How is it different from reparenting, and how do we develop and maintain healthy “eldering” relationships and avoid common pitfalls? We will explore the distinctions between motherly and fatherly forms of mentoring, how to discern potential spiritual children, what guidelines should be observed, and what the pathway to […]