Dr. Thomas Boehm

Dr. Thomas Boehm has walked deeply within Jewish, Messianic Jewish, and Gentile Christian communities. Growing up in a traditional Jewish community, Thomas encountered Yeshua (Jesus) as a young adult and has been following Him ever since. In addition to masters degrees in Psychology (Northwestern University) and Divinity (Trinity Evangelical Divinity School), Thomas earned his doctorate in Special Education (Vanderbilt University) and currently serves as the Ann Haskins Assistant Professor of Special Education at Wheaton College. Additionally, Thomas founded and leads a non-profit called Faith for ALL. He lives with his wife, Lisa, and their five children in West Chicago. To find out more visit www.TLBoehm.com

My Sessions

Revival Fruits from Jewish Roots

This session will include Dr. Boehm’s’ testimony as a Jewish man meeting Jesus and coming to walk the Anglican Way and explore ways to a catalyze revival of Word and Sacrament infused by the Holy Spirit by engaging the Jewish roots of our faith. Dr. Boehm’s wife, Lisa, will also share. In the six chapters […]