Dr. Danny Carroll

Dr. Carroll is half-Guatemalan and was raised bilingual and bicultural. In his youth, he spent many summers in Guatemala and later taught at El Seminario Teológico Centroamericano in Guatemala City for thirteen years. The realities of Central America sparked Dr. Carroll’s fascination with the Old Testament. The relevance of the biblical text for the challenges of poverty, war, and politics in those developing countries led him to a passionate focus on Old Testament social ethics and the social sciences. In addition, his studies in English literature and literary theory have generated an ongoing engagement with literary approaches to the Old Testament and critical studies. Experiences in this country and abroad have led him to a deep appreciation for the unique contributions that ethnic minorities, women, and the global church make to the interpretation of the Old Testament. Before coming to Wheaton, Dr. Carroll taught Old Testament at Denver Seminary for many years and founded a Spanish-language lay training program there. At Wheaton, he hopes to model a commitment to connecting careful biblical scholarship with the mission of the church as it engages today’s complex realities. Dr. Carroll has been involved in Hispanic churches and teaching on the Bible and immigration for many years

Dr. Carroll and his wife, Joan, attend Church of the Resurrection in Wheaton. They have two married sons, and three grandchildren.


My Sessions

How Can the Bible Help Us in the Immigration Crisis?

Migration worldwide is a growing challenge. The numbers are staggering, and the reasons complex and sometimes heartbreaking. As Christians, we are supposed to turn to the Bible for guidance on issues like this? Does it have anything to say to us about immigration? Where do we begin? The Bible, both Old and New Testaments, have […]